Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here are some pics and a vid from the Steampunk Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science at the University of Oxford. (I shot these mostly without a flash, as flash is prohibited in a museum environment. Also, the glass cases were daunting, as the camera focuses on the reflections of the glass- and not the magnificent detail of the objects on display inside the case.) I truly wish that these pics could convey is the level of sheer excitement at the show. These photos were shot during off-hours because the crowds inside the exhibit made it impossible to shoot anything. The works here must be seen in person to appreciate the world-class level of artistry in this show. I am in awe at the artist's talent and ingenuity. I'll title each pic later on. More to come as I organize the pics and vids.
Cheers! Art Donovan, Curator

P.S. Please see Photographer John Wilson's pics from the show. They're fantastic! CLICK HERE TO VIEW. Thank's John!

There is also a ton of great shots from other photographers and attendees at the show on Flickr. Click Here!

Tom Banwell' Masks^
Vianney Halter's Time Pieces^
Thomas Willeford & Amanda Scrivner^
Haruo Suekichi's Steampunk Watches^
More Suekichi^
Stephen Johnson (Museum Keeper) and Leslie Donovan. Please read sign :)
Stephane Halleux & Art Donovan- Opening Party^
Stephane Halleux^
Wonderful Posters by artist, Sydney Padua, UK^
Herr Doktor's Steampunk Space Helmet^
Owen & Nick (Museum Creative Staff) making steampunk display^
Museum Entrance^

Molly Friedrich- Robot Fetus Incubator^

Mad Uncle Cliff Goggles^
Leslie, James Richardson Brown, Bertrand andVianny Halter^
Leslie Donovan and Dr. Karen Ralls, Professor of History at Oxford^
Lady Elsie at Opening Party^
Kris Kuksi^
Jos De Vinks' Stirling Engines^
Jos De Vink^

Jess from the "The Kings Arms Pub"^
Jamillah Knowles from the BBC^
James Richardson Brown, Azzy, Amanda Scrivener, Dr. Ralls and Thomas Willeford^
View down exhibit hall^

Dr. Grymm- Goggles and James Richardson Brown's Computer Microphone^

Museum Entrance to exhibit^
Eric Freitas- Clock^
Eric Freitas- Mechanical Clock^
Sarah and Eric Freitas- Arrival Day at Museum^
Art Donovan Tripod Light^

Dr. Ralls, Amanda and Thomas- Opening Party^
Mad Uncle Cliff's Web Cam^

Thin White Duke^
Art Donovan & Dr. Ralls w/ Electric Skull^
Amanda Scrivener- Ornithopter Bat Wings^

What appears to be a video of the students from the Hogwarts School going up to see the exhibition.

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VIDEO. Live at the Museum. Record Breaking Attendance.